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professional architectural services


Types of Projects We Do

With over 66 years of experience we will help you find the project services and project delivery method that best suits your project needs. We are here to help with all your design and construction needs.

Architecture Model Sketching

List of Our Services 

As a full service Architecture firm we tailor our services to best meet each clients specific project needs. See below for our most common services or contact us about your project today (509) 783-5444. 


The Project Process

It does not matter if this is your first project or your hundredth, we can support your project with services that best suit your individual project needs. See below for information on the typical process.

Type of Projects & Services

types of projects we do

professional architectual service

list of our services

We provide the following Professional Architectural Services to our clients –

Pre-Design Services
  • As-Built Drawings of Existing Buildings & Facilities 

  • Comprehensive Planning

  • Pre-Design Support
  • Site Evaluation & Planning 

  • Assessments, Studies & Evaluation Services

    • Accessibility (ADA) Reviews & Assessments

    • Code Analysis

    • Feasibility Studies

    • Facility Assessments

    • Roofing Assessment

Design Services
  • Accessibility (ADA) Design for Buildings & Sites

  • Building Addition Design

  • Change of Use & Occupancy Design

  • Code Reviews

  • Construction Documents (Drawings and Specifications)

  • Constructability Reviews

  • Consultant and Engineering Management

  • Design Development

  • Equipment, Energy & Technology Upgrades

  • Implementation of Federal, State & Local Codes

  • Interior Remodeling & Refurbishing

  • Material & Equipment Selection

  • Modernization Design

  • New Building Design

  • Parking Lot Design, Improvements & Additions

  • Permitting Coordination

  • Portable & Modular Structures

  • Quality Assurance Reviews 

  • Remodel Design

  • Renderings & 3D Modeling

  • Schematic Design

  • Security Upgrades

  • Signage

  • Weatherization Design

Cost Estimating & Budget Management
  • Detailed Cost Estimating

  • Detailed Document Reviews

  • Order of Magnitude Cost Estimating

  • Preliminary Project Cost Estimating

  • Value Analysis & Value Engineering

Bidding & Negotiation Services
  • Advertising for Bids

  • Assisting with Contract Forms

  • Bidding Phase Support

  • Conducting Pre-Bid Meetings

  • Evaluation of Bids Received

Construction Services
  • As-Designed Record Drawings

  • Conformed Construction Drawings

  • Construction Administration

  • Construction Management 

  • Materials Specifications

  • One Year Warranty Walk-Through

  • Operations & Maintenance Manual Reviews with Applicable Warranties

  • Contractors Payment Application Reviews

  • Project Management

  • Project Close-out

  • Punch List Documentation & Management

  • SEPA Checklist Review

Specialized Project Services
  • Athletic Fields, Grandstands, & Concessions

  • Bond Support & Estimates

  • Certified to Perform Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) Studies & Surveys

  • Educational Specification Development

  • Historic Preservation & Renovation

  • Iconic Building Design

  • K-12 Matching Assistance Program Incorporation

  • LEED & Green Building Design

  • Master Planning

  • Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol (WSSP) Incorporation

Design & Construction Process

the project process

We always tailor our services to best meet the needs of every client on every project. The process from project to project will vary and the process below is just a general representation.

Contact us today to discuss your specific project needs. 


As-Builts Drawings

As-Built Drawings will be needed if you are modifying an existing building facility. This can include very detailed drawings of an entire facility or just the specific area being impacted by the remodel or addition.



Depending on the project, one or more assessments may be needed to establish a projects needs and/or feasibility. A few common types are: project needs assessments, future growth assessments, planning studies, and facility feasibility studies. 



Developing a program is a critical first step to any project. The program establishes every room and space needed in the project with details about what is needed in each. This includes size, the number of people it will accommodate, and any special considerations or features it will need.



The Pre-Design phase of a project organizes the project vision and allows you and Architect to establish project goals, budget and timeline. In this phase the Architect will gather the required information needed to form a clear project plan.


Schematic Design

The Schematic Design phase of a project evaluates the project plans by transforming your program into floor plans and site plans that address your project goals. These plans are used to communicate how the spaces and site will relate. Things like the location of the main building entrance and whose offices need to be next to each other. 


Design Development

The Design Development phase of a project incorporates more project details. This phase addresses details like material finishes, built in elements like casework, furniture, typical construction details, and the layout of all the building systems.


Construction Documents

The Construction Documents phase of a project includes drawing all of the project elements in detail. This also includes project specifications that provide detailed information about all the building materials and equipment. At the end of this phase the project is submitted to the Authorities Having Jurisdiction for building permit.



At this point in the project, you select a Contractor for the project. The project will either be competitively bid or a Contractor will be selected and a cost for construction will be negotiated.

We can help you establish a list of prospective Contractors who can provide bids for the project and guide you through the process.


Construction Administration

During this phase we monitor the construction process, costs, and schedule of the project to make sure that the Contractor is following the Architects project specifications and drawings. We will assist in resolving any issues that arise.


Construction Management

Construction Management services cover construction oversight and coordination for the total project budget and schedule. This goes beyond the Architect and Contractor, extending to all involved parties. It can include site testing, special permitting, furniture acquisitions, and moving companies.    


Project Closeout

At the end of the project, we will perform a detailed project walk-through with you noting any items that still need to be completed or fixed. We will create a punch list of these items for the contractor to resolve. Project completion is granted when the work is satisfactorily complete.


One Year Warranty Walk Through

We will coordinate a One Year Warranty Walk Through meeting with you and the General Contractor to identify and resolve any items that may have come up after occupancy.

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