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First Methodist Church Addition
First Methodist Church Addition

First Methodist Church Additions

Kennewick, Washington

The first addition was a small but complex project constructing an elevator shaft within the confines of this historic church. Landings were provided at four different existing levels, bringing accessibility to the congregation for the first time. Careful planning and design of the addition allowed for the incorporation of all these elements while maintaining the buildings existing architectural significance. The project was built with no change orders. 

The second, 3,500 square foot, addition provided a new larger entry and drop-off area adjacent to the current parking, new restrooms, and a multipurpose classroom. The new kitchen was designed to serve the current fellowship and a future addition.  While the budget was too constrained to permit replication of the original materials and methods, great effort was dedicated to finding original details and detailed relationships that could be incorporated into the design in order to establish continuity with the original construction.  

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