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Flash Cube
Flash Cube

Columbia Horizons 

Office Building

Kennewick, Washington

This Financial Center, designed in 1977, is a 54,000 square foot commercial office building commissioned to house a newly formed savings and loan association and to offer quality office space to businesses. The primary design criteria for the project were aesthetics, flexibility to accommodate future tenants' needs, and achieving a maximum of net rentable area. A detailed analysis for the arrangement of core components—elevators, stairways, mechanical and toilet rooms—resulted in a plan which gave the client an 82% net rentable area. This highly desirable figure is complimented by a floor plan which offers maximum flexibility for tenant spaces.  The exterior building components selected were silver, solar reflective, high energy performance glass and natural anodized aluminum. These complementary materials give the structure the clean, highly polished look that causes many to refer to this facility as "The Flash Cube". 

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