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Architecture Services for Remodels

When it's time to refresh and revitalize an existing space, our remodeling services at CKJT come into play. We understand the delicate balance between preserving the character of the original structure and infusing it with modern functionality and aesthetics. Our team of architects and designers specializes in breathing new life into tired spaces. Whether you have a historic building in need of restoration or a commercial facility requiring a modern update, CKJT's remodeling expertise ensures that your project retains its charm while meeting contemporary needs.



Modernization is all about staying current, and our modernization services at CKJT are designed to do just that. We specialize in updating and upgrading existing structures to meet the demands of the present while preparing them for the future. CKJT's architects and designers bring a fresh perspective to each modernization project, infusing creativity and innovation into the process. Whether you're looking to enhance energy efficiency, improve functionality, or revamp aesthetics, we have the expertise to modernize your space effectively.



Renovations are where the past meets the future, and our renovation services at CKJT honor that delicate balance. We have a deep appreciation for history and a commitment to preserving architectural heritage. Our renovation projects focus on breathing new life into aging structures while maintaining their unique character and charm. Whether you're revitalizing a historic building or rejuvenating a space with sentimental value, CKJT's architects and designers are dedicated to creating harmonious transformations that seamlessly blend the old with the new.


Accessibility Upgrades:

Ensuring that your spaces are accessible to all is not just a commitment; it's a responsibility. Our accessibility upgrade services at CKJT are dedicated to creating inclusive environments that cater to individuals with diverse needs. We specialize in assessing existing structures and implementing thoughtful accessibility upgrades, including ramps, elevators, widened doorways, and accessible restrooms. Our goal is to make your spaces welcoming and functional for everyone, reflecting a commitment to inclusivity and compliance with accessibility standards.



Preserving architectural history is a passion that runs deep at CKJT. Our historic preservation projects celebrate the legacy of iconic structures and landmarks. We meticulously research and restore historic buildings, ensuring that they stand the test of time while maintaining their original charm.

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